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Having fun with Street Fighter IV

I have been playing this a lot lately, and I am glad capcom put it out.

(I was Ryu)

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Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack

I had UT3 for awhile, but I have not played it much till now. The Titan pack has added a huge amount of content to the game as well as the option to merge the game into steam(an option I did not use since steam has had stability issues as of late).

After playing this a bit more I might write a piece on it.

The above screen shot is from actual gameplay on my gaming rig.

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Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box PC = FUN

I received Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for the PC in the mail on Wednesday this week, and it is fun. I ordered it from New Egg and got it $4 less than retail and with free shipping. Add the fact that there was not tax charge and you can see why I was happy to get it there.
So far I must say it is money well spent. Despite a few minor issues that I personally have with the game, the fun factor is just too much to have those issues drag the game down.
I think I may have to do a complete value analysis on this game later.

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