CPU are selling for gold!

That's right ladies and gentlemen before you toss away your old machine you should strip every last PCB off from it and set it a side you will thank me later!

As you know gold prices has been sky rocketing..

Below are some links off Ebay I'm in no way advertising for them but using them as a reference source.

This is why you see companies willing to pay you back for old electronics they want the gold from it not because they wanna be green (that's their excuse to me) it's always about the money.

Staples had a Printer trade in program trade in your old printer for 50 buck rebate.

Even cell phones like the Black berry had one

People are stocking up cpu's and auctioning it for gold in this bad economy


I myself am a CPU collector and I have no plans to sell my collection for scrap gold. The more they melt the rarer my collection gets

It seems as the older stuff have more gold in them than the new. PCB are laced or plated with gold silver and copper as conductor etc. The reason why they are not selling for full gold value is because it needs to be processed. Person who wants the gold need to process the component to extract gold from the cpu. That would cost them labor and chemicals to extract the gold.

Video on how it is done by a company

I don't know I don't feel like digging out my old collection to take shots at it. I might do it depends on how i feel during the week I might do an update not feeling too well today.

people do collect CPU's

and no that is not my collection haha

PCB = Printed Circuit Board
CPU = Central Processing Unit