BFG RMA Power Supply

BFG Shipped me the new psu got it today FedEx came around 9:30pm video is a bit dark.

I will be updating this with a review of their RMA service. I need to test the power supply. But so far the product seems to have an lifetime warranty as stated on the box which is great.

Ok PSU ran solid for a few days now so its working.

going to add rating to their RMA service

phone tech support 5/5
online emailing 5/5
prompt shipment 5/5
willing to go extra mile 5/5

They had a longer wait time with the phone than evga but they RMA the psu with very few questions ask no troubleshooting at all. It only took one phone call whereas EVGA took multiple email's and phone calls.
The PSU they sent me has a limited lifetime warranty so I would be dealing with them again.