Xbox 360 the over heater

Lets see where do I begin. Tons of people have been getting heating issues with Their Xbox. Why?
There are a few causes for this:

1: GPU and CPU is on the same board up next to each other with pretty small heat sinks compared to conventional heat sinks.

2: The Xbox is encased with plastic which insulates the heat (keeps the heat trapped inside)

3: The exhaust fan in the back are not very effective or powerful.

Results 3 red rings of death after being cooked alive.

If this has happen to you there is a few ways to fix it.

You can youtube search for:

xbox towel fix
xbox 3 rings of death fix

tons of different ways you can try and fix it. So I would give those a try before tossing the xbox in the gutter.

If you do not have those issues yet I would invest in you console investment.

If you are tech savy you might wanna apply some Arctic Silver 5 on the gpu and cpu will help boost the cooling effectiveness(be careful the Arctic Silver 5 is highly conductive so don't drop it on anything else it might short out your box ) Arctic Silver is not too expensive $7 bucks

There are safer way but not cheap buy expansion fan that goes in the back of the xbox

for $22 bucks you save yourself the trouble of trying to fix it later.