Ever had the trouble with keyboards that don't have that special audio adjusting feature?

I'm too cheap to get a new keyboard so I was looking up online on how to get around this.
Alt tabbing out to adjust the audio can be a bit annoying. Also having audio adjusting remap to the keyboard means less or no visits to the volume control. Which works great if your lazy like me. This program is free and will allow you to remap keys on your keyboard. It does access your registry and works after reboot. It also has a power and sleep button you can map. Along with web keys like home back forward etc. Enjoy hope this helps.
I did not write this program and I'm in no way taking ownership of it its just a suggestion. I'm sure there are other programs like this. I did an AVG virus scan on it and it seems clean.


At least it saves you like what 20 bucks plus shipping to get a keyboard with audio control keys.