Before Diablo III Comes Dragon Age: Origins

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Reviving the old but venerated concept of Western RPGs may have become the antidote that will save us from JRPGs, no offense to the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII, it seems like the competition between 50+ hours role-playing games will be given new distinction this 2010 and next-generation consoles will push gaming boundaries a bit more to accommodate the free-fall of such titles.

Thinking about Baldur's Gate, Diablo and Neverwinter Nights, Western-based role-playing games edged other genres by providing players lengthy main objectives and a plethora of side-quests to boot - each have very unique style and, Diablo III's anticipated release is yet to define the essence and power of such games; Dragon Age: Origins may have answered that for the moment.

Created by Bioware, the same people who came up with Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins is the latest for Bioware's gaming package that features bloody active time battle sequences, graphically-enhanced magic spells and diabolical creatures that have been spawned by an ancient evil, which the denizens of Federlen pertain to as 'Darkspawns.'

The game is your typical create-a-character and embark on dangerous quests to save humanity from hordes of Darkspawn and The Blight. DA: Origins stray away from linear quests and one-sided outcomes as players will have to take responsibility of their actions while interacting with allies and NPCs alike.

Players choose from three character classes: Mage, Warrior and Rogue. Each of the three have quantifiable strengths and weaknesses. Warriors are stereotypically the damagers and tankers, Rogues are the nimble paragons of justice and Mages cast their spells to support the party with buffs and damage enemies with high-elemental arcane spells.

I'm just beginning to finish the main quests (expect me to write an walkthrough about this in the future) and yes, Dragon Age: Origins is worth your money and time. I'll be spending time with Dragon Age and speak about it in the future or, perhaps, write an essay explaining on the structure of Bioware's treasure RPG available for the XBox 360 and PC.