Flash games on Iphone Ipad and Itouch?

Not going to happen any time soon. Some people wants to know why and this is why I created this post. To put it simply

Examples of how page will look like on the ipad.


Ok after watching the video and reading reason why from apple it will not work there is a few points I would like to make.

Quote "You know. It true when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works it sort of become magical and that is exactly what Ipad is”

So magical I'm buying it even thou it does not work for some sites.

Quote"Iphone is revolutionary"

?? What does that make the dell axim + skpye below? that was out a while back.

Quote"I don't have to change myself to fit the product it fits me."

As we all know thats not true. False advertisement!!!

Quote"You don't even think about it you just do"

Buys the Ipad

Since almost every webpage has some type of flash content. Apple is trying to make every website adjust to it. Which aint going to happen.

As for the statements of what apple is saying why not to have flash.

First off since when do you take off a feature because the battery life is a bit shorter?

Normally you buy a device because the software requires higher specs so you need an upgrade like a computer for example

Not buy a device that A does not work and B wants software to adjust to it the device which is the opposite of how things work in the real world.

Now to the battery part. If user wants to run flash they should have the right to. People run other apps that might take as much power so are you going to remove those apps as well??

Logically NO!!! Its up to the user who purchased it do what they want with it.

Also most other companies would improve the battery life and not take out a feature....

If your device takes up a lot of power itself change the technology so it does not thus improving it. You can change the screen to OLED for more battery life. Create a better battery with more juice? I have seen plenty of coworkers with their iphone chargers at work the phone and the itouch does not even last a day of hardcore use.

People are just buying them without knowning the specs and what they are getting themselves into.

I do not take credit for the video or the picture I have up on top because I dont own them I am just using them as reference.