L4D2 The Passing

L4D2 The Passing DLC

The new DLC reveals the survivors from L4D1 meets the survivors from L4D2. The help each other at the end of the campaign. I believe that there should be more DLC from steam. The day the passing was release there was so many people on you can't even start the download.

Steam has mention new DLC for L4D1 as well that relates to how the old survivor were able to meet up with the new survivors at the The passing campaign. There is no official release date as of yet, but they did mention it on the video below.

Seems like steam also added new mutation mode to the game that makes it more interesting like they had realism in VS mode which made it a pain if your team mate don’t stick to you and run off on there own. The bleed out mode is pretty fun as it makes it so that you can't camp a spot because you don’t have permanent hp so you will bleed basically. at the start of the game. There are no health packs. There are deliberators but they don’t give you 50% permanent health. There are however pills and shots. There is a new melee weapon the golf club and a new gun the M60. There is also new uncommon zombie the fallen.

I enjoy the campaigns very much as it is the storyline and the backbone of the game. If there was no storyline it would almost be like zombie panic.

L4D3 well I have not heard talks about that yet, but looking at how steam is releasing the second L4D sequel I guess it will come out in about the next year or so.

I do not claim credit for the videos or the pictures once again. As I did not make them or own them in any shape of form. I am using them as a reference.