PlayStation Announcement Live Reactions (Updated - Pics)

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Here, the editors of 2020gamer will be posting their reactions as they watch Sony's live stream of the PlayStation event at 6:00pm EST (all time stamps will be in EST):

And the show is over. Hit up the forums. Let us know what you think.
8:20PM Marc - So the PS4 is now essentially a PC with a custom OS, and bungie is now onboard. Makes you wonder what other news they will be dropping during E3.
8:00PM Donald - Halo creator, Bungie, takes the stage with Destiny annnnnd drops the mic. Not sure why they brought the suite of Execs but... Okay? I guess they what to put on a show of support?
7:53PM Donald - Blizzard Entrtainment! Huge Huge Huge! The main question is whether this game will be more successful than Diablo 3. Oh no. Spoke too soon.
7:48PM Donald - Watch Dogs was one of the most talked about title of E3 2012. A cross between Hitman, GTA and Assassins Creed.
7:44PM Donald - Square Enix to show off Final Fantasy title at E3 2013! Oh boy!
7:38PM Donald - Square Enix takes the stage with an impressive showing. Japanese devs are really stepping up to the plate.
7:34PM Donald - Yoshinori Ono is the nutty dev behind "Dino Crisis 2", "Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny", "Street Fighter IV" and "Street Fighter X Tekken".
7:33PM Marc - Capcom's deep down looks good. Really good.
7:27PM Donald - The creative level of this is insane! I think Nintendo just popped a blood vessel.
7:25PM: Marc - Looks like the Move controller is back. This time in the hands of Media Molecule. So far their demo of crafting with it looks awesome.
7:18PM Donald - David Cage. Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain dev.
7:18PM Marc -

7:18PM Marc -

7:11PM Donald - Wow. Jonathan Blow. Iconic xbox live dev. Good nab Sony.
7:09PM Donald - Infamous: Second Son. It's nice. I like.
7:07PM Donald - Sucker Punch exclusive is a game of 99%'ers with Super powers.
7:05PM Donald - Drive Club. I'm Sold! Take my money, Sony!
7:02PM Donald - CAR Pr0n!
6:52PM: Marc - New Killzone is looking good.
6:51PM Marc -

6:49PM Marc -

6:48PM Marc -

6:43PM: Marc- The Gaikai technology integration is nice. You can try a game before you buy without a large download and you can start playing a game long before the entire game has finished downloading once you purchase. Also the streaming to other mobile devices is nice. Naturally they took this chance to showcase that with the Vita.
6:30PM Donald - Wow. David Perry was one of the biggest PS3 critics.
6:28PM: Marc - predictive game pre-fetching! Didnt see that one coming.

6:26PM: Marc- So now you can remote control over the net to friend's console and view live, recorded gameplay from mobile devices. Nice touch.

6:24PM: Marc- I like the fact that they didnt drastically change the controller. Its nice to have touch added too. The new console looks nice. Also the video sharing feature that was rumored is cool to see.
6:09PM:Marc- They just said it, PlayStation 4. Lots of marketing talk at the moment.
6:01PM: Marc- Sony's "live site" still showing nothing but youtube videos. Might have to look elsewhere.
5:51PM: Marc- Still waiting. At least the PlayStation Evolution videos are entertaining.
5:41PM:Marc - Still waiting for Sony's page for the meeting to see when it goes active: PlayStation Meeting 2013