What does a Gearbox HomeWorld mean to fans?

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Recently Gearbox software purchased the intellectual property for Home World from the the THQ auctions. For those that are not familiar with Home World, it is a real time strategy series that takes place in space and allows you to move units on all 3 dimensions of movements as would be allowed in space. The good news is for Home World series fans is that the series gets a new lease on life. The bad news is that the developer already went to someone else in a different sale of the auction. Relic entertainment, the studio that brought this revolutionary RTS to the world was already sold to Sega by the time the IP for Home World became available.
This will undoubtedly leave some fans wondering if Home World will be the same with out Relic's involvement. That is hard to say. However, we do know that Gearbox tries to stay true to a franchise as much as they possibly can.
Previously they took it upon them selves to finish the Duke Nukem forever project which had luke warm results. Whether this was their fault, or not is hard to tell as much of the game was already done by 3DRealms by the time Gearbox got involved. We do know that they already have a good track record with one series, that being Borderlands. I am willing to give them a chance here. Not sure if the rest of the fan base will feel the same way though.