E3 2013, What to expect

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With E3 2013 literally hours away, there are some pieces of information we should be expecting to hear and/or see from Microsoft and Sony.
Here is a list of what to expect (but is not guaranteed)


  • What first party titles are to be expected, since not much of this was covered during the reveal
  • More detail on game content over xbox live. Again something that did not get much coverage
  • Possible console price announcement. This is a maybe since the unit will not launch till later this year. Also, might be something they want to hold on to since Sony's conference is later in the day
  • Release date. Also not a guarantee.
  • More detail on their DRM and how it affects gamers
  • What to expect from the 360 in the interim


  • What the console looks like. Sony has kept up a good job so far in keeping this shrouded in secrecy. it was one of the major let downs when they didn't show the unit during their reveal. At least this gives them big news to have during their E3 conference.
  • More detail about their online services for games and media content. Microsoft had already gone in depth with this, and now Sony has the opportunity to show that they had learned from their mistakes with the PS3's initial online service offerings.
  • Games, Sony was already big on this topic but kept eluding to more to come at E3.
  • Detail on their DRM schemes. Considering how much of a PR disaster this was for the Xbox One reveal. I doubt Sony will let this be anything but a smooth and clear delivery.
  • Media Center options. Like their competitor, Sony aims to have their consoles as the central point for a user's entertainment experience.
  • Mobile device integration. This is something that Sony has already shown with the PS3 and their mobile devices of the time. It is likely that further integration with the Vita as well as their PlayStation certified mobile devices will be demonstrated.
  • Pricing. Not a guarantee.
  • Release date. Also, not a guarantee. It is more likely that we will be told a release window that is near the holiday season

Much of these items are common for a new launch of a system , while others are what gamers have been clamoring for across the web. We will see how much of these items get checked of the list after Microsoft and Sony have their conferences.
Microsoft: 12:30 pm - 2 pm EST (9:30 am to 11:00 a.m. PST)
Sony: 9 pm - 10 pm EST (6:00 to 8:00 p.m. PST)