Xbox One VS PS4: Which one is worth it?

Well the big reveals for the Xbox One and the PS4 have finally happened. The question now is which one do I get? Let’s see which system gives you more bang for your buck:

The Xbox one will have a starting price of $499, which I must admit made me gag a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love my 360, but there’s no way I’m paying that much for the upgrade. I am more than sure that many other people share my sentiments. On a positive note, I think that hardcore gamers will love the amount of games coming out for the system. There are at least 13 in total, among them are titles such as Halo, Titanfall, and Dead Rising 3—great start. However, that seems to be all there is to like.

What consumers love are OPTIONS. We love to have the freedom to choose. The Xbox One, removes those options almost to the point of absurdity. For starters, used games are not allowed, and if you give your game to someone else, your copy of the game will be deleted on your Xbox.

…Really? Really, Microsoft?

Games tend to be expensive enough as it is, but now I’d be forced to buy new and only new. But it doesn’t stop there. Your Xbox must be on line, and there will be checks to make sure that it’s on line…24 hour checks! On top of that, you’re essentially forced to purchase a Kinect as well, even if you’ll never use it!

In contrast, the Sony PS4 is $100 less than the Xbox One and has NO restrictions on used games. You also don’t have to have your machine on line at all times. In addition to more game variety, the games are also cheaper.

My Decision:
Could it be more obvious? I know I’ll be getting a PS4. The Xbox One can stay right the hell in the store.