Gamers Discuss 003: Indie Game Scene and E3 Predictions

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Why has indie gaming become so popular?

Indie game sources:
- X-box live:
- PS now -
- steam green light:
- humble bundle:
- kick starter:

Some successful indie games
-World of Goo
-Flappy bird

Arcade stick:

Indie games/developers that could use some attention

What will be there:
Amount of unannounced games:,26945.html
E3 Predictions: Microsoft and the Xbox One
Nintendo E3 Assumptions!

Microsoft E3 Assumptions!

Sony E3 Assumptions!

EA, 2K, and Ubisoft Assumptions!

What the panel has been playing: Asphalt 8 (Android), Candy Crush Saga (Android), Dead Trigger (Android), Gun Club 3 (Android), Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PC), Meltdown (Android), INjustice: Gods Among US (PC)

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