Gamers Discuss 005: Whats Wrong with Nintendo

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  • Whats right and wrong with their home console direction
  • Whats right and wrong with their mobile gaming direction
  • Great Nintendo titles
  • Lack of third party titles

Marc - Host
Twitter: @marcismadreaper

Donald - Editor & Logo Designer 2020 Gamer

Tanichea - Editor 2020 Gamer
Website: &

Guest / Nintendo Enthusiast - Fanboy

What the panel has been playing:
Guest: Pokemon Rumble, Mario Kart, Mario Bros U, Ninja Gaiden Yaiba
Donald: Civilization 5, Injustice Gods Among Us, Street Fighter X Tekken, Mortal Kombat Komplete, Far Cry 3, Saints Row 4, Reckoning, Double Dragon Neon, Pac Man Championship Edition, Castle Crasher, Battle Block Theater, Sega Genesis Megadrive Collection, Ducktales, Baulders Gate, Titan Quest, Dark Souls, King of Fighters 13
Tanichea: Diablo 3
Marc: Injustice Gods Among Us, Saints Row 4, Double Dragon Neon

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