Gamers Discuss 007: Microsoft, What Are You Doing ?!

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  • Future of kinect: importance of product reduced heavily, Not living up to initial promise.
  • What's with performance issues: OS and API updates to address developer concerns
  • Constant price drops
  • Losing ground in competitive gaming: Is EVO's USF4 switch to PS4 too drastic?
  • Little to no mobile strategy
  • Ads versus Sony in current situation:

Marc - Host
Twitter: @marcismadreaper

Donald - Editor & Logo Designer 2020 Gamer

Tanichea - Editor 2020 Gamer
Website: &

What the panel has been playing:
Tanichea: Rocksmith 2014 (360), Portal (360)

Donald: Evolve (PC)

Marc: Evolve (PC), Evolve (Android), Clash of Clans (Android)

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