Gamers Discuss 008: E3 2015 in hind sight

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Sorry for the extremely delayed episode post. Production issues were plentiful on this one. Better late than never :-D

  • Microsoft Event Review
  • Sony Event Review
  • Nintendo Event Review
  • Pros and cons of each show
  • Whose event was the most effective/impressive
  • Which event was worse in comparison
  • Stand out games on display: First party titles, Timed exclusives, and Third party games
  • Top three game picks from each editor
  • 2020Gamer's best of show

Donalds notable links:
Nintendo NX -

Marc - Host
Twitter: @marcismadreaper

Donald - Editor & Logo Designer 2020 Gamer

Tanichea - Editor 2020 Gamer
Website: &

What the panel has been playing:
Tanichea: N/A

Donald: Evolve (PC), DOTA (PC), GTA Online (PC)

Marc: Evolve (PC), GTA Online (PC), Clash of Clans (Android), Batman Arkham Asylum (PC)

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