EVGA RMA has arrived!

Finally been waiting all day and it's here.

guess what I got ha ha

It took them about a week or two RMA was done around Christmas/New years
considering that it was pretty fast
here is some ratings I would like to give them. I give it less on phone tech support cause of long wait and they told me they can't do anything.. where as online emailing they said RMA is fine.

phone tech support 4/5
online emailing 5/5
prompt shipment 5/5
willing to go extra mile 4/5

might have been refurbished but repackaged looking from the pictures of the capacitors..

So far I know 2 other person IRL that had to send their evga card back one was a 7600gts and the other one was an 8800gt. The person that sent in the 7600gts got an 8600gt back. As for the other person he is still working it out with them.