BFG RMA Power Supply

I'm not sure is it RMA season? I got a BFG 650 Watt PSU from which I used google checkout to save 30 bucks on my first purchase. Low and behold a little over a year and PSU dies. Original price was 60 bucks so cost came down to 30 great deal at the time. The nice turbo button was a great summer fan and a blue led would light up. The PSU has 2 fans one on the back side and the other one on the bottom of the PSU.
Great for cooling the CPU since it draws air from the cpu since heat travels upward the other fan immediately pulls the hot air out. I've had this fan on 2 systems so far. It was originally on my first computer the Pentium 805 D overclocked to 4GHZ with 1.55 volts.

After I got my core I7 machine around July. I swapped it out to the new machine gave my old machine the OCZ 700 watts PSU. Since it did a great job cooling. System ran fine until last week the machine turned off and my APC UPS was beeping like crazy at midnight. I had to reset the APC and retry to boot same issue. At first glance I thought it might have been my APC since it was the one that was beeping. After testing the APC UPS it was certain that it was the power supply unit. I then went and swapped the OCZ back over and everything was fine. (Thank Goodness it did not blow out my my $1000 dollar system)

Asus PT6 Motherboard $239.99
Intel Core I7 920 $279.99
6gb DDR3 OCZ RAM $99.99
Sapphire HD4870 $174.99
WD VelociRaptor 150GB $229.99

not including my older hard drives I have in it.

I called up BFG (1.866.234.3499) and told them the issue and they were very prompt in sending me the RMA information after I hung up. The only downside of it was the long wait no troubleshooting just went and got my information. I look forward to the new PSU since It was sent out around new years time. I think it might take them a little longer to get back to me, But I will keep you guys posted.

Link to site for picture reference I do not claim credit for the picture cause it is not mine.

RAM= Random Access Memory
CPU= Central Processing Unit
UPS= Uninterruptible Power Supply aka Battery back up pack
PSU= Power Supply Unit
RMA= Return Authorized Material
WD= Western Digital
OC= Over Clock