Let’s view the Former Residence of Celebrities

If you have to stay several days in Tianjin when your cruise ship docked at Tianjin Xingang Port, why not take this chance to tour in Beijing. And if you join with us, we will offer you a memorable tour in Beijing. We offer Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing transfer and tours. Are you interested in traditional Chinese culture? How much do you know about the contributions and the stories about celebrities in Chinese history? Would you like to visit the former residences of "Celebrities" during your visa free Beijing tour to know more? This Beijing Private Tour to the former residences of celebrities including Former Residence of Mei Lanfang, Former Residence of Guo Moruo, Former Residence of Lao She, Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling.

Fun Feeling of Visa-free Travel to Beijing

As a treasure of Chinese culture, the tourists could learn more about China during enjoy this Kung Fu Show. The best place to watch Kung Fu show is Beijing Red Theatre whichi is a former worker's club and located at No. 44, Xing fu Da Jie, Chongwen District Beijing.
The fantastic "The Legend of Kung Fu" is presented by a leading performance art production company of China- China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd. Kung fu Show in the best Red Theatre offer tourists a great chance to appreciate the real Chinese Kung Fu.
Peking Opera Show

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Madden 12 Player Ratings

I use to find out the player ratings of my opponent when I play online. I recommend you do to so that you can know how to use your team to the best of their abilities!

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Before Diablo III Comes Dragon Age: Origins

Reviving the old but venerated concept of Western RPGs may have become the antidote that will save us from JRPGs, no offense to the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII, it seems like the competition between 50+ hours role-playing games will be given new distinction this 2010 and next-generation consoles will push gaming boundaries a bit more to accommodate the free-fall of such titles.

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Having fun with Street Fighter IV

I have been playing this a lot lately, and I am glad capcom put it out.

(I was Ryu)

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Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack

I had UT3 for awhile, but I have not played it much till now. The Titan pack has added a huge amount of content to the game as well as the option to merge the game into steam(an option I did not use since steam has had stability issues as of late).

After playing this a bit more I might write a piece on it.

The above screen shot is from actual gameplay on my gaming rig.

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Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box PC = FUN

I received Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for the PC in the mail on Wednesday this week, and it is fun. I ordered it from New Egg and got it $4 less than retail and with free shipping. Add the fact that there was not tax charge and you can see why I was happy to get it there.
So far I must say it is money well spent. Despite a few minor issues that I personally have with the game, the fun factor is just too much to have those issues drag the game down.
I think I may have to do a complete value analysis on this game later.

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